Underneath the glowing lights and festive tunes, however, lies controversy. The Colcom Foundation, which advocates for environmental causes as well as population control, is seen as a supporter of white supremacy by some. As the city still recovers from the Tree of Life shooting, whose perpetrator was inspired by anti-immigrant rhetoric, local advocates argue that Colcom should not be sponsoring the Holiday Market.

According to the Colcom website, “The primary mission of Colcom Foundation is to foster a sustainable environment to ensure quality of life for all Americans by addressing major causes and consequences of overpopulation and its adverse effects on natural resources.”

According to public tax documents, in 2016, the Colcom Foundation donated $19 million to anti-immigrant groups. The three largest beneficiaries were the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and Numbers USA, according to tax forms. The three organizations are again listed as beneficiaries on the Colcom website for 2018.

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