On its face, Amazon’s pitch for its second headquarters may seem pretty tempting: The chosen city will get a $5 billion facility, 50,000 high-paying jobs and the influence that comes with landing the second-largest company in the United States.

But not everyone thinks that’s a prime deal.

Resistance to HQ2 — and, by extension, Amazon — has been quietly spreading across the country ever since the tech giant announced the top 20 candidates for its second home in January. The levels of (un)enthusiasm vary: Over half of Atlantans like the idea of hosting HQ2, but just one out of every three people in Austin and Denver strongly support it, according to a recent Elon University poll. But in many places, there are organizers staging protests, holding town halls and creating sleek websites to oppose Amazon’s selection process and alert people to the consequences HQ2 could have on their local communities.

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