One year after the inaugural Women’s March on Washington, activists across the country are getting ready to hit the streets again, including some in Pittsburgh.

On a snowy Wednesday evening, volunteers gathered at Pittsburgh Mennonite Church in Swissvale, Pa. to make protest signs.

Organizer Karen Hochberg worked on one that read, “We The People.”

Deborah Fyock said she planned on writing, “I’m nastier this year,” on her poster.

“I’ve made a bunch of them, and they’re glitzing them up for me,” said Hochberg before handing a sign off to be covered in glitter. “The kids are putting the glam on for me.”

Hochberg attended the Women’s March on Washington D.C. last year, but said it will be more meaningful to participate at home this time.

But a 2018 “sister march” in Pittsburgh wasn’t a guarantee. Last year, there was a lot of conflict. The original organizers had never done anything like it before, and when planning took to social media, there were claims that it was an event for white feminists. It resulted in two large demonstrations. The Women’s March downtown, and the Our Feminism Must Be Intersectional March in East Liberty.

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