On Feb. 27, a group of more than 50 constituents held a protest outside his Bethel Park office, and then went in to attend Reschenthaler’s open house to voice their opposition to the senator’s stances. Reschenthaler’s district encompasses most of southern and western Allegheny County, including Sewickley, Robinson and Mount Lebanon, as well as a small portion of Washington County.

Lynda Park, of Mount Lebanon, helped organize the event and took a day off work to attend. She said those who could not attend wrote letters, and she delivered more than 40 letters expressing criticisms to Reschenthaler’s office. Park is a naturalized U.S. citizen from South Korea, and she takes offense to Reschanthaler’s introduction of SB 10, a bill to cut off funding to municipalities who limit communication and cooperation with federal immigration officials. “His policy on SB 10, I take that as an affront to all immigrants,” said Park. “He was not representing the views of all his constituents when supporting that bill.”

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