Bob Mayo / WTAE

Some activist groups and residents of neighborhoods affected by Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority problems are urging the PWSA board to oppose any fix for water authority problems that would involve privatizating the water system.

During public comment at the board’s meeting Friday, they also criticized the PWSA over recent health and safety issues, including chlorination concerns that led to a boil water advisory and ongoing concerns about the detection of lead in the water of some customers.

“I never, ever, ever thought I’d be getting, ‘Oh, boil your water’ announcements, living in Lawrenceville, shutting down our schools for an entire day. It’s unacceptable,” said Christine Brill, of Lawrenceville.

“When we talk about Pittsburgh being a ‘most livable city’ (and) that we don’t have the most clean and affordable water, those two don’t add up to me,” said Glenn Grayson Jr., of One Pennsylvania, who lives in the Hill District.

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