Workers employed in low-wage industries plan on taking to the streets on Thursday to continue their call for a $15 minimum hourly wage and union rights. But this time around, workers in fast food, day care and airports will be joined by a new group of agitators: hospital workers.

Several dozen employees at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center — the largest private-sector employer in Pennsylvania — plan to take part in the one-day strike Thursday, according to the campaign’s organizers. They’ll join workers in cities around the country in the walkout, billed as part of the Fight for $15.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is the same hospital system that made news last month when it announced it would phase in a $15 minimum wage over five years. So why will workers be protesting if they’ve already won the wage hike they’ve demanded?

It has to do with the second part of the campaign’s slogan: “$15 and a union.”

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