Rivers are at the heart of the Pittsburgh region. The area’s economic and environmental revival is closely tied to its rivers, but unfortunately its aging and poorly designed sewer system is creating a crisis. As little as one-tenth of an inch of rain can cause raw sewage and other contaminants to overflow into local rivers.

To address this problem, the Environmental Protection Agency required ALCOSAN, the local sanitary authority, to bring the region’s waterways into compliance with the Clean Water Act. While ALCOSAN wanted to use the multi-billion dollar investment to implement an underground tunnel system, the local community mobilized behind greener options. Four years ago, Partnership for Working Families affiliate Pittsburgh United launched its Clean Rivers Campaign to fight for a green infrastructure-first approach with maximum community benefits, to protect ratepayers, especially those with a low or fixed income, and to make sure that those who create the biggest burden for the sewer system pay their fair share.

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