Today, Mixtape, a Garfield dance lounge, music gallery, cafe and event space, announced it had joined the ranks of local businesses that are raising wages for their employees and providing paid sick leave.

“[We’re] giving our employees a work environment where they can be comfortable knowing no matter what day they come in, they’ll be able to pay their bills, that it’s going to be a stable wage.” says owner Katie Molchan. “Obviously it does mean as a startup it’s going to take us longer to reach a point of profitability, but we felt really strongly that was a really important to send a message to our staff and our team. They shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of losses if we have a slow day.”

Today’s press conference is part of a local movement to increase wages for service workers and improve employee benefits like paid sick leave. Today’s speakers highlighted what they see as problems with the current system that allows tipped workers to be paid below the minimum wage.

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