The Apartment Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh is badly mistaken in describing city council’s actions to support livable, affordable housing as a “declaration of war” (“Council, Landlord Group at Odds,” Dec. 16).

The real declaration of war is that of corporate interests on working people in Pittsburgh. Long-time residents of the city are being displaced as thousands of luxury apartments are being built across the city with no current mechanism to include low-income families and people of color.

Meanwhile, workers across the city are already struggling to make rent because employers, including Pittsburgh’s anchor institutions such as UPMC, continue to pay poverty wages.

We need a rental registry to ensure that landlords can be held accountable for maintaining properties. We need protection against source-of-income discrimination so that all families, regardless of class or race, are able to have a home in Pittsburgh.

Thank you to Mayor Bill Peduto and city council members who supported these two pieces of legislation for moving us forward on the path to a more equitable Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh United
North Side