Our Water Campaign

Safe, Affordable, Publicly-Controlled Water for All

The Our Water Campaign is a coalition of local organizations, including Pittsburgh United, Clean Water Action, Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network, Sierra Club, the Hill District Consensus Group, Nine Mile Run Watershed, Penn Future, Thomas Merton Center, and One Pennsylvania. The campaign was formed to ensure safe, affordable, publicly controlled water for all.

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The Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel says that PWSA should remain a public asset! Submit your comment to the Blue Ribbon Panel here – thank them for keeping our water public and let’s make sure PWSA remains democratically controlled!

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World Water Day: Know Your Water Rights 3/22 @ 6:30 PM

RSVP Here!  At The Shop in Homewood (621 N Dallas), to celebrate World Water Day and the universal human right to water, the Our Water Campaign is hosting an event for community members to learn about the rights they have as PWSA customers to safe, affordable drinking... read more

Our Only Option is Public Water! Nov 8 @ 2:30

What should happen to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority? The people have made it clear that we want public control of our water. Now, the Mayor and his team of outside consultants will be presenting their recommendations to the City on Nov 8th. The future of... read more

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